Guide for AOL Email Not Sending Receiving Error/Problem

AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving: Taking about the basic function of an email service, it is to send and receive messages. Same is the case for AOL email. If you are facing sending and receiving issues with AOL email, it is hard to imagine what else are you going to use it for? Not just this, it can also cause major work loss by causing you miss out on important emails. It therefore becomes very important to fix the AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving problem without wasting further time.

This article presents the different methods in which the users can resolve this issue in very easy way. If you are also a victim of the AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving error, follow this article for the details.

Reasons for AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving

Let us have a look at the different possible reasons as to why you are facing a problem in sending or receiving emails on your AOL mail account.

Why AOL Emails Are Not Sent?

Following are the primary reasons behind the AOL email sending error:

  • Internet problem: If your internet speed is slow, you won’t be able to send AOL emails.
  • Limit exceeded: Once you have depleted the limit of sending emails, you cannot anymore emails till the limit is renewed. Limit is set in order to protect people from receiving spam emails.
  • Incorrect address: Incorrect receiver’s address is one of the most common reasons behind the AOL email not sending issue.
  • Problem with the receiver: Sometimes, issues at the receiver’s end like low storage, incorrect settings, poor internet, etc can create the sending fail problem.

Why Am I Not Receiving AOL Emails?

The possible reasons for the receiving error in AOL mail are listed below:

  • Less storage: If there is no space for the emails to be received, you surely will have the problem with AOL email receiving.
  • Problem with the sender: Maybe, the sender has your address incorrect and therefore seems like it is you having the problem with AOL email receiving.
  • Poor internet: Many times, the problem with the internet is the real reason behind the AOL email not receiving issue.
  • Incorrect settings: Settings problem can cause your email to get land in trash or spam and make it seems like there is a receiving error.

Solutions for the AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving Issue

Users facing the sending and receiving issues while using AOL mail can follow some easy ways to fix the problem. Below discussed are those easy ways that can help the users solve the AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving without any external assistance.

Fix the AOL Email Not Sending Problem

Depending on the reason why the AOL mail is not able to send messages, the following troubleshooting methods can be applied to fix this problem:

  1. First and foremost, make sure that this problem is not due to poor internet connectivity. If so, restart your modem, router or any other device you are using fort internet connection. Connect your system again to that device after restart.
  2. If you have depleted your email sending limits, you need to wait until the limit gets renewed. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it except waiting. You will receive a notification mentioning the time for which you have to wait before you can send emails again.
  3. If you are getting a sending fail message every time you are trying to send an email to a particular address, go to your sent folder and completely read the message. In case the receiver’s address is incorrect, it will be mentioned in the message. Make sure that you get the correct email address of the receiver and then re-send the email.
  4. There is a limit to the size of file you can send through email. Check if the file you are sending does not exceed this limit.
  5. In case the emails are sent from your end but the receiver is complaining that he/ she did not get the message, ask them to check their trash and spam. Also ask them to check if they haven’t accidently blocked you.

Resolve the AOL Email Not Receiving Problem

Given below are certain methods to fix the AOL email not receiving problem that can be followed by the users with great ease.

  1. Make space to accommodate the incoming emails. You can do so by deleting the emails that the no longer important for you.
  2. Check your settings to make sure you have not set any filters that are causing your incoming emails to get land in trash or spam. Also, ensure that you have not accidently blocked the sender.
  3. In case you are receiving too many emails too fast, chances are there that the incoming messages will get delayed. Such kind of measures are taken as a part of anti-spam policies.
  4. Make sure that the problem is not due to a slow internet connection. If your internet is not working fine, try the following troubleshooting methods:
  • Check if you haven’t turned airplane mode on in your device.
  • Restart you system as sometime this also can fix the internet problem.
  • Restart your modem or router and then connect it to your system.
  1. Ask your sender to check if he/ she has your email address correct, in case you are facing the receiving error from a particular sender.

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