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Bellsouth Not Working: Bellsouth is one of the top-rated email services in the United States. After collaborating with AT&T, the features and reliability of Bellsouth email have improved a lot. It is very easy to use Bellsouth email service on different platforms including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. However, like all other webmail services, some issues and problems can also occur in Bellsouth as well. It can be quite frustrating when Bellsouth stops working all of a sudden especially when you are looking to send an important email.

In case you are facing Bellsouth not working issue then this post is surely going to help you a lot. Here we will provide all the information that you need to fix your Bellsouth email account.

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Why is Bellsouth not working?

Well, the email service of Bellsouth is susceptible to a lot of errors and issues. It is not feasible to predict the actual cause of the Bellsouth problem you are facing. However, we have listed some major factors that can probably be the reason why Bellsouth isn’t working for you.

  1. Internet Connection: In case you are facing Bellsouth email not loading or loading very slowly issue, then slow and interrupted internet connection might be the reason behind that.
  2. Incorrect login credential: If you are dealing with Bellsouth login issues such as unable to sign-in/ login then it possible that you are entering an incorrect password.
  3. Compatibility of web browser: The web browser of Bellsouth email works flawlessly only on the compatible browsers. Issues such as Bellsouth email not opening etc. are generally caused due to an incompatible browser.
  4. Accumulation of too many cache and cookies in a web browser: Many a time, cookies and caches in your browser can also stop Bellsouth from working properly.
  5. Add-ons and Extensions in the web browser: The third-party add-ons and plug-ins on your web browser can prevent Bellsouth webmail from loading.
  6. Antivirus and windows firewall: It is also possible that your antivirus and windows firewall might be blocking the Bellsouth webmail from opening properly.
  7. Account blocked by Bellsouth: In case you send too many spam emails then your Bellsouth account might be blocked.

Apart from the issues mentioned here, some other factors can also result in Bellsouth not working issue such as incorrect IMAP/ POP settings etc.

How to fix Bellsouth email not working on Windows?

If you are finding it difficult to use Bellsouth email on your windows computer then you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first thing you should ensure that there is no issue with your internet connection.
  • Then, make sure you are opening Bellsouth email on a compatible and updated web browser.
  • Clear your browser’s data such as cookies, caches and browsing history.
  • Remove all the third-party add-ons and extensions from the browser and load Bellsouth email once again.
  • Make sure you have all the windows updates installed in your PC.
  • Temporarily disable the windows firewall & antivirus software program and load Bellsouth once again.
  • Switch browser and check if you are able to load Bellsouth email properly or not.
  • You may contact Bellsouth email support if the problem continues even after following all the steps mentioned above.

Bellsouth isn’t working on Android

In case your Bellsouth email account not working properly on Android then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Check the compatibility of the Android web browser on which you are opening Bellsouth email.
  • If you are using Bellsouth on the default mail app then you should recheck the IMAP/ POP settings.
  • Make sure that the space in your android phone is not running out.
  • Scan your Android phone with a good antivirus and confirm that it is not infected by malware.
  • Sometimes, a simple restart can also fix complex problems. Restart your phone multiple times and see if Bellsouth starts working or not.

Bellsouth webmail not working on iPhone

You can either setup Bellsouth email on iPhone using IMAP/ POP settings or simply access the web version using safari browser. In case Bellsouth not working on iOS devices then you may try the troubleshooting steps given below:

  • Reconfigure the IMAP/ POP settings if you are using Bellsouth in the “Mail” app of your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Check the storage space available in your iPhone and make sure it is not depleting.
  • If you are using Safari browser to run Bellsouth then you need to ensure that it is updated.
  • Clear the cache/ cookies of the safari browser and reload Bellsouth webmail once again.
  • Uninstall all such applications from your iPhone that can stop the proper functioning of Bellsouth email.
  • Switch the device and try to open Bellsouth again as it is possible that there might be some service outage that’s why Bellsouth email not working.

Step to Bellsouth Email Password Recovery

In case you are facing troubles because of your Bellsouth password not working then you need to reset it. Here is the step by step method by which you can reset Bellsouth password with ease.

  • Visit the Bellsouth “Forgot User ID/ Password” page i.e.
  • Make sure that the radio button next to the password option is selected.
  • Enter your Bellsouth user ID and last name in the appropriate boxes.
  • Then, enter the captcha code that must be appearing at the bottom of the page and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Select the method through which you want to receive the password recovery code i.e. via a phone number or alternate email address.
  • Enter the code that you will receive and move on to the next step.
  • Provide a new password for your Bellsouth account.
  • The Bellsouth email password recovery will finish after providing the new password. You may check the new Bellsouth login credentials by signing into your account.

We hope that you will get rid of Bellsouth not working issue easily by going through the instructions mentioned in this post. Still, if you have any doubt then you may seek assistance through Bellsouth customer service.

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