How to fix Cannot find or load Microsoft installer Skype Message

How to fix “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” Skype Message?: Skype allows easy communication between the users and is incorporated with different interactive features like emoticons, gifs, facility for video chat, etc. It can be easily downloaded by the users from the Microsoft’s website to enjoy all the available attributes. However, sometimes during the installation, the “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” message appears preventing the users from successful installation. There can be different reasons behind this problem such as outdated operating system, outdated internet explorer, etc. In this article, the simple methods to fix “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” Skype Message error are provided below. The users can follow the instructions provided in this article easily without requiring much technical expertise and fix the problem.

Easy ways to resolve the “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” error

Basically, there are three different ways through which the users can fix “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” Skype message issue. Detailed process of solve this problem has been discussed below. Let us have a look at them one-by-one and get your issue resolved with great ease.

Method 1

Download the latest version of internet Explorer in your device

Updating the internet explorer browser to its latest version can help in fixing the Skype error message “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer”. The latest version of internet explorer can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft. All you need to do is visit the Microsoft website and follow the steps provided below to install the browser successfully.

  • Go to and scroll down to go to Microsoft Store.
  • Under this section, select ‘Download Center’.
  • A new page will appear showing downloads related to different Microsoft product.
  • Click on ‘Browser’ to see the different downloads related to Internet Explorer.
  • Select the appropriate link to start the downloading of Internet Explorer.
  • Once the download is finished, you probably won’t face the “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer” error while installing Skype in your system.

Method 2

Install all the latest important updates in Windows

Sometimes, an outdated operating system can also create issues while installing Skype in your device. To fix this issue, install the latest Windows updates in your system. You can check for updates by visiting the control panel. If available, install all the updates and then try installing Skype on your device.

Method 3

Install Skype version V7.30

If none of the above explained methods work and you are still facing the error, you may try installing older version of Skype on your device. Make sure that you completely remove the other existing Skype files from your system before you begin a fresh installation.

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