Comcast Email not Working – Resolve it [Complete Solutions]

Why is Comcast Email not Working: With advancements in technology, email services have upgraded themselves and have become an integral part of professional life. Comcast is a well-known email service that incorporates many features to provide its users better emailing experience.

But any amount of technological advancement cannot make any service completely error-free as is the case of Comcast email. Many times, the users are found to be complaining about the Comcast email not working.

comcast email not working

Fortunately, the users can easily fix this issue on their end by following the corrective measures. This article provides the different ways to resolve the Xfinity email not working issue.

Reasons why is Comcast email not working

There are a lot of possible problems that can occur in a Comcast email account. Each one of them has its reasons. Let’s go through some common Comcast email issues and the most probable reasons behind them.

  • Unable to log into Comcast email: The most common factor behind the Comcast sign-in issue is forgetting the password. You need to run Comcast password recovery in such cases
  • Comcast email, not loading/ opening: This type of problem can occur due to multiple factors including slow internet, incompatible browser, etc.
  • Comcast not sending an email: You may find it difficult to send a Comcast email if your Comcast email account is blocked. Generally, an email account is blocked due to sending a large number of spam messages.
  • Not able to receive email on Comcast: All Comcast email accounts come with limited storage space. If you are running out of space then you may not able to receive new emails. However, many other factors are also responsible for not receiving the email.
  • Comcast not responding on iPhone: The reason behind this problem depends upon the method by which you use Comcast email on iPhone i.e. by safari browser or by IMAP/ POP configuration.
  • Comcast email account hacked by someone: Well, if someone has access to your email account then you need to run Comcast password recovery to get your email account back.
  • Unable to attach a file to Comcast email: The primary reason behind the Comcast email attachment issue is trying to attach a file that is too big or has an unsupported format.

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Comcast Not Working: Comcast is a prestigious email service that is offered by Xfinity to its high-speed internet users. The importance of an email account in our daily life is increasing quite rapidly. That’s why even a small malfunction in your email account can lead up to a lot of inconveniences.

Just imagine how troublesome a situation will be if you have to send an urgent email and Comcast stop working all of sudden. It is needless to say that you will have to face a lot of problems. So, you should always keep your Comcast email account to its peak performance.

Kindly go through this article if Comcast not working on your computer or mobile phone. Here, we will discuss the factors that can lead to Comcast email problems and what you need to do to eliminate them.

Solve the Comcast email not working issue in easy ways

Before you start troubleshooting the Comcast email not working problem, you must know the reason behind the problem. It can be due to poor internet, browser issue, service outage, settings issues, etc.

Depending on the reason why you are facing this issue, the steps to fix them one by one are given below.

  1. One of the most common problems that cause the not working of Comcast email is bad internet. To fix the internet problem, you can try restarting your modem or router.
  2. If the device you are using is a mobile phone, you can turn the data connection on and off.
  3. Make sure that you have an active data pack and the airplane mode is turned off.
  4. The Xfinity email not working issue can also be due to some problems with the browser you are using. If this is the case, you can try the following things to fix this problem:
  • Make sure to use a browser that is compatible and up-to-date.
  • Temporarily disable any extensions or plug-ins added to your browser.
  • Clear all the cookies and caches from the browser you are using.
  • Make sure that JavaScript and Adobe flash player is enabled in your browser.
  • If you are still not able to fix the issues with the browser, you can switch the browser.
  1. If the Comcast not working problem is due to a network outage in your area, you need to wait till the problem is fixed by Comcast. The network outage and other server-related issues have no solution that the users can try at their end.
  2. Many Xfinity emails, not work issues can be due to settings errors. In this case, the users should ensure that there is no problem with their email settings. Certain things you can do to fix this problem are given below:
  • If you are not able to send emails, make sure that you have not reached the sending limit.
  • If you cannot receive emails, check if you are not out of storage space.
  • Also, make sure that the incoming messages are not landing in spam as you have accidentally blocked the sender.
  • In case Comcast login is not working, make sure that you are entering the username and password correctly.
  1. Many times, antivirus or any third-party application installed in your system creates problems while working with Comcast email. To resolve the problem, you can temporarily disable any such program for the time you are working with Xfinity email. After you are done using Comcast you can enable those applications.
  2. In case you are on a mobile device and using the Comcast email app, you can try reinstalling or reconfiguring the application to fix this problem.

Hope you can fix your ‘Xfinity email not working’ problem by following the steps explained above. However, in case of any problem in resolving this issue, you can always seek assistance from Comcast customer support.

What to do if Comcast email isn’t working on windows?

Let’s go through the steps that you should follow in case Comcast email isn’t working on your Windows PC/ Laptop.

  • Comcast webmail service requires a good internet connection, so make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.
  • Make sure you are loading Comcast in a compatible browser.
  • Check the Comcast login credentials that you are entering. Run Comcast password recovery if you can’t remember the login credential.
  • Confirm that enough storage space is left in your email account for a new message.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of your browser and run Comcast email once again.
  • Disable all third-party extensions and plug-ins from your browser and open Comcast email one more time.
  • Check the IMAP/ POP settings if Comcast not working on Outlook or other third-party email clients like Firefox, Incredimail, etc.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus as well as windows firewall to see if this resolves your Comcast email issues.

How to Fix Comcast Email Not Working on iPhone/iPad

Now, after knowing the explanations, let’s start troubleshooting them one at a time, and by the top of the guide, you’ll be able to resolve all the issues that you just face while you’re trying to access your Comcast email account on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Check for the Server is down or not:

Each and each email service supplier out there encounter outages be it Gmail, Yahoo, or Comcast. this could happen anytime while the positioning goes down which too with no previous notice.

If the Xfinity website goes down, you can’t access it till the service gets restored on its own. When the server problem occurs, you may see a 500 error on the screen. Therefore to verify the outage:

  • You must attend the Xfinity website,
  • And simply login to your Comcast account on an internet browser,
  • And if you’ll log in, it means everything is okay.

This is one of the foremost commonly faced login problems of Comcast, but, nothing to stress about as all are going to be restored presently by their engineers.

  1. Incorrect Email Settings:

This is one of the foremost frequent mistakes made by Comcast users after they access their account on the iPhone, they enter the incorrect IMAP or SMTP settings. If you would like to grasp the proper method to line up your Comcast account on your iPhone, here are the steps that you simply must follow:

  1. On your iPhone, tap the ‘Mail’ icon
  2. Then tap ‘Other’, after you see the ‘Welcome to Mail’ screen.
  3. Enter your login details and so press ‘Next’ on the ‘New Account’ screen.
  4. If the data entered by you is correct, your account will get verified and that’s how you’ll configure your account.

If you have got configured your account properly, it’s time to own a glance at the Comcast email settings for your iPhone.

For that,

  1. Visit the ‘Settings section of your iPhone then select ‘Passwords and Accounts.
  2. Next, click on your Comcast account and if you’re facing problems while receiving emails, you want to check Incoming mail server settings.
  3. Attend the ‘Advanced’ tab and check if you’ve got entered the proper settings:
  • Incoming Server Host Name:
  • Username: Comcast email account
  • Password: email password
  • Incoming Mail server port: 993
  • Use SSL: ON
  • IMAP Path Prefix: empty
  • Authentication: Password
  1. In case, you’re facing issues while sending emails from your Comcast account, you need to check the Outgoing Mail Server Settings:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Host Name:
  • Username: Comcast email account
  • Password: email password
  • Outgoing Mail server port: 587
  • Authentication: Password
  • Use SSL: Yes

Still, if you found your Comcast on Outlook, you have got to the correct email settings.

  1. Connectivity Issues

There may be connectivity problems after you try and access your Comcast email account after switching from the cellular network to Wi-Fi.

  • To check this, open the Settings app of your iPhone
  • And then tap on ‘Cellular’;
  • Now visit ‘Mail’ and check if it’s enabled or not.
  • If it’s not enabled, you may only receive emails when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • To fix this issue, you wish to change from cellular data to Wi-Fi whenever the net comes back.
  1. Incorrect Fetch Settings

In case, you’re still facing the issue of Comcast Email not receiving emails on your Comcast account on your iPhone or isn’t responding on your device, this could ensue to incorrect fetch settings. To repair this,

  • Go to the Settings app so click on the ‘Passwords and Accounts’ option. Finally, choose ‘Fetch New Data Line’.
  • Fetch New Data could be a feature that lets users select how often their device will check for brand new emails. It contains three values: Push, Fetch, or Manual.
  • If you have got set the setting to ‘Push’, the mail server will send the new mail to your iPhone directly.
  • If it’s set to ‘Fetch’, your device will usually ask the server for brand new emails.

And if you’re using manual settings, and have selected Fetch New Data to Manual, you may only get the emails, if you open the Mail app and refresh.

  1. Outdated Mail App

If the Comcast email remains not engaged on the iPad or isn’t syncing together with your iPhone, you need to test if you’re utilizing the most recent version of the Comcast app.

  • Check if Apple has released the most recent version of the app
  • If yes, then get the app,
  • And then check if you’ve got the problem fixed.

Additional Troubleshooting

If the above steps weren’t helpful to resolve the Comcast problems along with your iPhone, the way you would like it to work; here are some further procedures you’ll try:

Restart your iPhone

  • As per the iPhone model you have got, press the desired button to reset your phone
  • And if you don’t know the steps, you’ll be able to Google it for your model.
  • Force start will refresh your iPhone and can clear all the broken data which can also fix the problem you’re facing.

Reset the Settings

  • To reset the settings, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • And then visit the ‘General’ section; press ‘Restart’.
  • Among all the choices that you just see, click on the ‘Reset all settings iPhone’.
  • Doing this may reset network settings and private preferences but won’t delete your data or apps.

Note- confirm to not click on the “Erase all content and settings” as this can delete all of your data from your iPhone.

Why is my Comcast Email not Sending Emails?

Several reasons varying from a faulty internet connection to browser incompatibility may cause this problem. Given below are the different causes that stop the process of sending and receiving emails in Comcast.

  1. Bad Internet Connection

Good internet connectivity is of much importance whenever you like to send or receive emails. If you cannot sign in to your Comcast account or are not getting any emails, verify your internet connectivity. A not working internet connection can cause you to experience this problem.

  1. A Server Issue

Your internet is working properly, but still, you are not receiving Comcast emails? It means there is some problem with the Comcast email itself. These days, the majority of people are using email services from Comcast. It results in server overload and therefore may lead you to experience this problem. Therefore, you need to verify if the Comcast email is functioning properly or not.

  1. The Emails are landing in the Spam Folder

You can see a spam folder in every email service. This folder is meant to collect unnecessary emails, so they don’t interrupt your work. But, occasionally, a genuine or necessary email may also land in the spam folder. If you are not able to find it in your primary inbox, you will think that you are not receiving emails in Comcast. Therefore, check your spam folder first if you feel that you have not received an email.

  1. Check Your Blocked Address List

In a blocked address list, you can add that public from whom you do not wish for receiving an email. If you have accidentally added a sender to this list, you will not be able to receive emails from them. Otherwise, it can also happen that the sender has mistyped your email address. In this case, too, you will not able to get an email from them.

  1. Incorrect Settings in Phone

Are you a Phone user and facing the Comcast not receiving emails problem? It may happen because of incorrect settings. You have to configure the settings properly to start receiving emails.

  1. IMAP server settings are not configured

A further reason for not receiving emails is incorrect IMAP server settings. The settings are essential, mostly when you have created a Comcast email account on Outlook.

Troubleshoot Comcast Email not Receiving Emails 

There are multiple ways to troubleshoot Comcast Email Not Receiving Emails problem on your account. Follow the methods given below one at a time to observe which one works out for you.

  1. Fix Your Internet Connection

Internet connection is crucial for the e-mail service to work correctly. If it is not working smoothly, fix it to send and receive emails. If you use a Wi-Fi connection, restart your router and modem. And if you use the cellular connection, restart your device or check the network settings on it. Verify that the device is not in Airplane mode.

  1. Remove Cache and Cookies.

Cache and cookies are quite an overlooked reason behind not receiving emails in Comcast. Clear the Cache and cookies to fix this issue. It will return the proper performance of your email account.

  1. Do not Reach the Daily Limit of Sending Emails

Sometimes users send lots of emails and face this issue. Doing this, it can make you appear like spam. It causes serious problems one by one. Do not send mass emails from one account. If you have to do so, create one more account or ensure that there’s a good amount of time between sending two emails.

  1. Do not Send a Heavy Attachment

Heavy attachments interrupt the email flow, which makes users experience Comcast not receiving emails difficulty. Confirm the size of the attached file; it should not be outside the prescribed limit. Don’t send several massive attachments at once. Compress them keen on different files.

  1. Remove Insignificant Plugins or Extensions.

Frequently the browser that is used may be full of unwanted extensions or plugins. In this condition, also, you will face this issue. The extensions and plugins hold back the process of sending and receiving emails. Therefore, remove them and third-party applications from your device. If you cannot remove it, disable it till this email problem is resolved.

  1. Use the Latest Version of Your Browser

Incompatible browsers hold back the process of receiving and sending Xfinity emails. Thus, confirm if you have the recent and compatible version of your browser. To find it, follow the way to ‘Settings’ and search for updates. If any updates are available, install them.

  1. Reconfigure the Account

Reconfigure your Comcast account if you are facing trouble with this issue on your smartphone. Firstly, save your data in an offline place ahead of you begin configuration. Reinstall the mail application and find out if the problem is fixed.

How to Fix Comcast Email not Sending?

Here is the procedure to fix the problem if you are not able to send a Comcast email.

  • Make sure your Comcast email account is not blocked due to sending a lot of spam or violating other terms of service.
  • Check the size and format of the email that you are trying to send. Both the size and format must be permissible.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Check the IMAP/ POP setting if you can’t send an email on an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Try to send yourself an email. In case you receive the email then it seems that the problem is at the end of your receiver.
  • Contact your receiver and ask them to check their filter settings and block list. Make sure your emails are not being filtered out by the email settings of your receiver.
  • Ask your receivers to contact their email service provider if the problem continues.

Comcast email password not working | Comcast Email Login Problems

In case you forgot your Comcast password or your password isn’t working due to any reason then you should follow the steps below:

  • To initiate the proceedings, you need to visit the official password reset link –
  • Enter your Comcast email address and click on the “Continue” button.
  • After that, you need to enter the captcha code and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Then, select the option for the method by which you want to receive the password recovery code i.e. “Email me”, “Text me”, “Call me” or “Answer my secret question”.
  • Enter the password recovery code or answer the secret question as applicable.
  • Finally, you just need to create a new password for your Comcast email account.

You should be able to use the Comcast email account properly after reading this post. Still, if you are dealing with an issue then you should contact Comcast support and seek help.

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