Google Pixel Customer Service Number & Technical Support Phone Number

Google Pixel Customer Service Number: Google Pixel is a range of consumer electronic devices this is developed by Google. These devices can either run on Chrome OS or Android operating system. All the devices of Google Pixel range are getting popular quite rapidly due to the sophisticated technology that Google uses to make them. However, unlike other popular smartphones brands like Apple, Samsung etc, Google doesn’t have retail stores where you can get your Pixel phones/ devices fixed. Instead, you can get in touch with the Google Pixel Customer service team and look for the solutions.

This article is for those users who don’t know how to contact the Google Pixel Technical support team. Here, we will provide complete details about the multiple methods by which you can get assistance from the Pixel support team of Google.

Problems and Issue with Google Pixel

Here are some of the common Google Pixel device technical glitches and problems due to which you may need to contact the Google Pixel Technical Support department.

  • Google Pixel no sound issues
  • Google Pixel not charging problems
  • My Google Pixel keeps restarting
  • Google Pixel Unable to make calls
  • Google pixel unable to send texts
  • My Google Pixel 2 keeps restarting
  • Google Pixel system UI isn’t responding
  • Not able to connect to Wifi using my Google Pixel phone
  • Unable to answer calls on Google Pixel

The issues listed above are just for the purpose of example. In case you are facing any kind of problem related to the Google Pixel devices then you can get in touch with the specialists through Google Pixel Helpline number.

How can I contact Google Pixel Support team?

You can contact the support team through various methods as given below:

Google Pixel Helpline Number

Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct Google Pixel phone number available which you can dial and seek help straight away. Instead, Google has provided an option by which the users can request for a call back from the help and support team. Here is how you can request a callback.

  • Pick up your Google Pixel device and open the “settings” app.
  • After that, you need to tap on the “Tips & Support” button.
  • Then, you have to select the method by which you want to contact the Google Pixel Customer service team. To get a call back you need to select the “Phone” option.
  • Provide your contact information and tap on the “Send” button.
  • You will get a call back from Google Pixel help number within a few minutes.

Google Pixel live chat support

Instead of the phone call, you can also request live chat support from the Google Pixel team. The process to initiate the live chat is similar to that of requesting the call back as mentioned above. The only difference is that instead of “Phone”, you need to select the “Chat” option. You may have to wait till a representative is ready to help you.

Help and support through Pixel Community

Another easy way to find the appropriate solution to your Google Pixel problem is by visiting the Pixel community of Google. Finding support through the community forum has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you may get assistance not only from the pixel support staff but also from other Google pixel users all around the globe. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that you may not get the support instantly. Usually, a user has to wait quite a bit in order to get his/her query answered on the forum.

Pixel Support on Twitter

For social media buffs, Google also provides the support service to Pixel customers on Twitter as well. The official twitter handle of Google Pixel is “@madebygoogle”. Here you can tweet the problem you are facing directly to the representatives of Google. The team is quite responsive on twitter and generally answers the query of the users pretty quickly.

Out of all the methods to contact the customer service team of Google Pixel, requesting a call back is the most recommended option because by doing so you can directly talk to the specialists of Google.

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