‘allclientservice.com’ Takes care of all the users’ privacy and protection with utmost attention and caution. Users’ online data is not allowed to be shared online without taking their concerns.

Privacy policy’s Basics

Here at 360, there are the limitations of the users’ online data which can be shared. We also take the users’ reviews into our considerations so that we can make ourselves improved and innovative with users’ satisfaction.

The Fundamentals for Data Sharing

Users are always welcome with their views and they are free to contact us at anytime with their personal contact information. They are assures that their information will not be shared or used online for any purpose.

We collect the users’ data from the web cookies but that’s not a concern of worries. We just try to find out the choices and preferences of the users, that’s all. It is up to users whether they want to surf the website with ‘cookies’ enabled or disabled but users will not be able to run the website with full efficiency when the cookies are disabled in the browser.

Users’ information is important to us

The privacy policy which we follow at allclientservice.com doesn’t allow us to sell or use the users’ information for any purpose of online transaction.

Users’ information which we get through cookies or the personal information which users share themselves is very safe at allclientservice.com.

Online deceit and fraud

We have made our system too secured to take place any online fraud or cheat at allclientservice.com.

We neither support the online fraud nor let anybody support anybody do the online fraud. We are promising therefore not to cheat anybody and the same assurance we want from the users not to give false information about their identity or the credit or debit cards which they use for the online financial transaction.

The technicians an all the other responsible professionals who work at allclientservice.com are trustworthy and we always tend to improve our credibility by bringing modifications in our policies and by taking reviews of our trustworthy users. We always try to improve our services with techniques, behavior and innovation