Helpful Tips and Tricks Recover AOL Password – How to Recover a Forgotten AOL Mail Password

Recover AOL Password & How to Recover a Forgotten AOL Mail Password: It doesn’t really matter if your AOL password is changed by someone or you just can’t remember it, you can recover it back with ease. AOL offers a fairly simple yet secure method of AOL email Password Recovery. However, there are a few important things that you should definitely know about AOL password recovery otherwise things can be a bit complicated. For example – you should know that there is no such method by which you can find out the AOL password that you were using previously. You can only reset AOL Password and create a new one.

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Also, remember that you should have password recovery options such as phone number, alternate email id, security question associated with our AOL email account to reset the password. Check the instructions in this article to know the simple methods to retrieve AOL password.

Before you reset AOL Mail Password

There are a few things that you must remember before actually resetting the AOL password.

  • Almost every web browser has the features of saving a password. In case you log into AOL email using a web browser and save the password then you may recover it from there.
  • Check your keyboard and make sure the caps lock key is pressed.
  • Confirm that you are not making any typing mistake while entering the current password.

In case you forgot AOL password or your AOL Email Password not working then you definitely need to reset it.

Step by step method to reset AOL Email password

To retrieve your AOL Mail password you should check the simple process elaborated in the following steps:

  1. Visit the AOL email log-in page.
  2. Enter AOL username and click “Sign-in”.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of sign-in window and click on the “I forgot my password” link.
  4. Type in your AOL username for one more time and tap “Next”
  5. Enter the phone number that is associated with your AOL email account. It is the same number that you used when you sign-up for AOL.
  6. Click “next” and select “Yes, text me a verification code” on the next screen.
  7. Now, to verify that you are the legitimate owner of this account, AOL will send a verification code to your phone number.
  8. Provide the code that you will receive under the “Enter Code” field and click “Verify”.
  9. Enter the new password that you would like to use for your AOL email account.
  10. Finally, click on the “save” button to finish the AOL password recovery.

 You can see that we have used phone number to reset the password in the above method. It is also possible to reset AOL email account password even if you don’t have a phone number associated with AOL account.

How to retrieve AOL Password with Alternate email address?

You can recover your AOL password using alternate email ID by following the steps below:

  1. Open AOL email login page and provide your username.
  2. Select “Try another verification option” when you are prompted to enter the phone number.
  3. Click “Next” and select the option to send a verification email to your alternate email ID. (Same email ID that you have used while signing up for AOL email).
  4. Now close the present tab and log into your alternate email ID in the other tab.
  5. Look for the email that AOL has sent you. This email will have a subject line similar to this – “Request to reset your password”.
  6. Tap on the password reset button or link that will available in the email body.
  7. This link will redirect you to the page where you have to enter a new password for your AOL email account.
  8. Enter the new AOL password.
  9. Finally, conclude the AOL password recovery by clicking “Save”.

Reset AOL Email password using security questions

No need to worry if you don’t have a phone number or an alternate email address added to your account. You can still recover AOL password without a phone number or email using security question.

  1. The password recovery process will start in a similar way. You need to visit the AOL sign-in page and provide your username in the appropriate fields.
  2. Keep clicking “Try another verification option” when prompted to enter the verification via A phone number or email address.
  3. Tap “Next” and select the “Answer Security Question” option.
  4. Read the security question carefully and answer to the best of your knowledge/ memory and click “next”.
  5. Now, AOL will match your answer with the previously saved answer.
  6. In case your answer is correct then you will see the box where you have to provide a new password. Please note that AOL will not let you recover password in case your answer is not correct.
  7. Enter the new password that you want to keep for your AOL email account.

To check if the AOL Mail password recovery is successful, you may log in to your account using the new password. If you can’t recover the password using any of the above methods then you should get in touch with the AOL customer support to get further assistance.

Other Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Always try to create a password for your AOL account in such a way that is easy-to-remember for you but tough-to-guess for the others.
  • If you struggle to remember AOL Password then we recommend you to use a password manager. There are many password managers available online which can save the AOL password for you.
  • In case you ever got a random password reset link on your alternate email ID without any password reset request then you should never click on such link. It is possible that this link might be sent by a hacker to hack your account.
  • Avoid obvious Patterns like “12345”, “abcdef”, “qwerty”, etc. while creating a new password for your AOL email account.
  • Make sure you keep changing your AOL password time to time to keep your account safe.

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