Is Verizon Email not Working – Fix it [Complete Guideline]

Is Verizon email not working? don’t worry! Here is the solution. Emails have become a major source of professional communication in the present world. Problems with an email account for even the slightest duration of time can cause major work loss.

At such times, it becomes a primary task to fix these problems before they can hamper important work. Similarly, when it comes to Verizon email not working problem, users need to apply remedial measures as soon as possible and resolve this problem.

Is Verizon Email not Working

This problem can take place in many different forms and due to many possible reasons. Users need to understand those reasons and forms completely before performing the troubleshooting. This article provides the solutions for the Verizon email not working issue so that the users can help themselves whenever this problem is encountered.

Why is my Verizon Email not Working

Many reasons can be there as to why you are not able to work with your Verizon email. Knowing the reason can help you fix this problem in a way better manner. Here are given certain common reasons behind the Verizon email not working:

  • Browser problem: If the browser you are using to open Verizon email is not up-to-date, you might face issues with your email account. The browser should also be compatible with Verizon email.
  • Internet issues: Most of the time, the not working problem of the Verizon email is due to a slow or intermittent internet connection.
  • Problem with the account: In case your Verizon email account has been blocked or suspended, you won’t be able to work with it. A hacked email account also creates problems with normal working.
  • Outdated application: In case you are using Verizon mobile app, the application must be updated. An outdated application can face not working and other related problems in Verizon email.
  • Conflict with the third-party app: Sometimes, any third-party application especially a firewall or antivirus program installed in your system interferes with the working of Verizon email.
  • Issues with the device: Not all issues are due to the browser, account, or internet. Sometimes, the problem with devices such as build-up junk files, and shortage of storage space can also cause the Verizon email not working problem.

How to fix Verizon not working problem?

Not working with Verizon email can lead to missing important emails and create a distasteful experience for the users.

However, there are some easy ways discussed below that can help the users in fixing this problem without much technical expertise. Let us have a look at the different troubleshooting ways explained below.

Solve Verizon email not working on Android

Below given are a few things that the users can try to fix the Verizon email not working problem on their Android device:

  • Make sure that your device has internet connectivity while you are using Verizon email.
  • If you are using a mobile application, make sure that the latest updates are always installed in your Verizon app.
  • Download important software updates on your Android device every time you receive the notification to do so.
  • Try signing out and then again sign in to your account to see if this fixes the not working problem.
  • If nothing else works and the problem you are facing is still there, you can reinstall or reconfigure your Verizon email account on your Android device.

Fix Verizon email not working on PC

Some basic troubleshooting steps that the users can easily follow to solve the Verizon email not working on PC issue are given below:

  • Make sure all the important system updates are installed on your PC and it has an access to the active data connection.
  • The browser you are using should be up-to-date and compatible with the Verizon email.
  • Clear cookies and caches from your browser and temporarily disable the extensions and plug-ins added to it.
  • If there is any antivirus or any other third-party program installed in your system creating interference, you need to temporarily disable such applications.

Resolve Verizon email not working on iPhone

If you are not able to work with Verizon email on your iPhone device, you can try the following methods to solve this problem:

  • In case you think that the POP/ IMAP settings are not correct, try reconfiguring Verizon email on your iPhone. Do it manually this time.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the iOS software on your iPhone device.
  • Check if you are not running out of storage space in your iPhone.
  • If using via POP settings, change it to IMAP and vice versa to fix the not working problem.
  • The internet connection of your iPhone must be strong enough to connect you successfully to the Verizon email.

Verizon email login not working

You can try the following methods if your Verizon email login is not working:

  • Make sure that you are not making any typing mistakes while entering your password.
  • Check if you are not using an older password to login into your Verizon email account.
  • In case you have changed your password and are still signed into your device with an old password, you will get an error. Sign out and then sign in with the new password.
  • Password is case-sensitive so make sure that the caps lock is not turned on while entering the password.
  • Make sure that your account is not hacked or suspended as you cannot log in to a suspended/ blocked account.
  • Check if the problem is not with your device or the internet rather than your account/ password.

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